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Personal and Business Insurance Peachtree City, Georgia

A Selection of Coverages for Fayette County Residents and Businesses

Located just outside of downtown Atlanta, Peachtree City demonstrates a similar upward trend of other surrounding Georgia communities. However, with this growth comes a resounding need for accurate, long-term protection.

At Strawn & Co., Insurance, we serve as a trusted guide for residents and businesses from our headquarters in McDonough, Georgia. Overall, our agency boasts three office locations in the area, including McDonough, Locust Grove, and Tyrone.

Insurance Policies Picked for Our Peachtree City, Georgia Neighbors

Small businesses serve at the heart of Georgia’s economy, especially in Peachtree City. Our agents work directly with Peachtree City business owners to establish longstanding protection and safeguard profits from the financial burden of loss.

To promote affordability and streamline services, we often bundle essential coverages into a comprehensive business owners policy (BOP). A BOP traditionally encompasses offerings such as commercial property insurance and commercial general liability coverage.

We are also proud to offer an encompassing personal insurance program, which is centered on a basis of homeowners and auto insurance selections.  

Ever Consider, ‘Are Strawn & Co., Insurance’s Offerings Available Near Me?’

Even after your insurance policy is secured, we’ll continue monitoring protection to ensure rates remain affordable and coverage is accurate.

As an agency, we believe our impact can extend beyond the confines of insurance services. Whether trekking around the Peachtree City in a signature golf cart or catching the Great Georgia Air Show, you will probably see our agents out and about in the local Peachtree City community. We encourage you to say ‘hello,’ or feel free to contact us at your convenience.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please feel free to request a quote.

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