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My family has been a client of Strawn & Company Insurance for a little more than a year. Previously, I had been a customer of a large national company since I was 16 years old. I had always thought that my loyalty as a customer meant that I would get a competitive rate. Boy was I wrong! I reached out to John Wadsworth at Strawn & Company to quote our home and auto insurance primarily because my auto rates had been moving upwards over several years, in spite of having almost no claims in 10 years. Much to my surprise, John was able to place us with a new company, with better coverage AND save us $1,200 per year on the premiums! I highly recommend John Wadsworth and Strawn and Company for all of your insurance needs.

Matt O.


Strawn and Co. (and particularly Brandi) have proven to be an outstanding resource for my company. They are always available to answer any questions and modify our insurance at a moment’s notice, from adding vehicles to updating or changing my yearly insurance needs as well as providing certificates of insurance in a timely manner. I once, several years ago left them to go with another provider. I had to immediately return to Strawn and Co. the next year because I missed their excellent customer service. If you are looking for personal, attentive service from a friendly office, Strawn and Co. Insurance is your best bet. Not to mention, their rates are hard to beat.

Denise M.


Strawn & Co Insurance has been providing my car, home and commercial insurance needs for over 20 years now. Rusty, Brenda and all of the staff have always been helpful in finding the best insurance and the best rates for my family. Thanks Strawn & Co.

Teresa P.


As a busy small business owner I have found Strawn and Co, Insurance to be the most helpful group of qualified people. The customer service Rep., Ann Lively is always there for me and my ever present questions regarding this industry. She will also, if needed contact and brief the owner, who calls me back directly…and I really appreciate that! They also handle the certificate of insurance needs for my clients usually in the same day.

Sheri C.


I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for us over the last 6 years regarding our insurance. Your help has been immeasurable. Time and time again, you have searched high and low for the best insurance and best rates. I am very impressed that you are always looking out for us for quality insurance as well as cost. Some insurance companies focus only on cost and our coverage has been jeopardized. It is nice knowing that Strawn has our back when it comes to our insurance needs.

Cindy K.


We have been working with Michelle and Jay at Strawn for many years now with our personal and commercial insurance. They have been so wonderful. They are always there when we need them and have went above and beyond to help us with any matters that we needed help with. They always react immediately to any request that we have. I would suggest Strawn to anyone looking for insurance. When you run a business, you have a lot on your plate. Strawn has made insurance one less thing we have to worry about. Thank you so much Michelle and Jay for all you have done for us.

Lori C.


I want to give a shout out to Strawn & Company Insurance because I really appreciate the staff there.  First of all I enjoy the cheaper rates for homeowners and car insurance, which I experienced a couple of years ago after switching from Allstate to Strawn & Co.  Second, I appreciate that I don’t have to do the research every year to figure out how to obtain good rates with a good company, the staff at Strawn do that for me.  Third I really appreciate the amazing customer service I receive!  I feel that I am personally taken care of and that means a lot.  I know that our family is well taken care of and that you guys have our best interest at heart!  Thanks so much for the great job you do in serving our family and the community!

Donna L.


Strawn & Co, insurance has been a great company to do business with.   I first trusted them with our home and auto policies.  Next they found me and my husband great life insurance policies.  I have since recommended them to my employer and they are servicing us with auto, liability and workers compensation policies.  They are great people and provide wonderful customer service.

Karel M.


What can I say about the folks at Strawn insurance?  There are so many good things to say about them!  First of all, their quick turn around is amazing!  Whenever one of our customers asks for a COI & I send that request to Sharon B., we have a copy back within minutes.  Our customers always comment about how quickly our replies come back.  In addition to that, they are always looking out for us when it comes to the best pricing for our general liability, auto and worker’s comp insurance.  To top all of this off, when I was sick with cancer last year, Rusty and his entire staff checked up on me on a regular basis – that made me feel like more than “just a customer”.  Our experience with Strawn has been great, professional, and money saving.  I encourage you to try them out for your business as well!

Ami A.