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Life Insurance Information

Protect What Matters Most.

The discussion of your death is never an easy one, for many reasons. One thing you want to make certain of, though, is that your loved ones will be supported following your passing. Life insurance is a great way to assure that those you leave behind will be financially cared for.

What’s Life Insurance? 

The main role of life insurance is to provide funds for your loved ones upon your death.

If the policy is in your name, the beneficiary of your choosing will receive a certain amount of money based on how much you designated to your policy during your life. It steps in and alleviates your loved ones’ financial needs when you are no longer able to do so.

The benefit might help survivors pay for:

  • Funeral costs
  • Everyday needs and bills
  • Debt settlements
  • Targeted costs like a child’s education or a spouse’s health needs

You are able to leave money behind to almost anyone of your choosing. Also, the money won’t go through probate so your loved ones will receive a settlement first.

Coverage For

  • Individual life
  • Group life
  • Long-term care
  • Mortgage protection
  • Disability ins
  • Second-to-die policy.
  • Key person (key men) ins

What Policy Options Exist? 

Everyone has different life insurance needs. You’ll most likely be able to choose between two types of plans.

  • Term plans last a set number of years. Coverage will issue payment if you die during the term.
  • Whole-life policies remain active indefinitely, as long as you pay your premiums. Many offer cash-accumulation and interest benefits.

Our experienced agents will help you select a plan that will financially benefit you and your loved ones most upon your death. Trusts may need to be established to facilitate proper payouts.

What Is the Best Life Insurance for Seniors? 

When considering life insurance options for seniors, it’s essential to find coverage that meets their specific needs. Your agent may recommend considering the following:  

  • Term life insurance provides coverage for a specific period (e.g., 10, 20, or 30 years) and may be more affordable than permanent life insurance. This type of policy may be a good fit for seniors who want temporary coverage for specific needs (e.g., mortgage protection, income replacement during working years).  
  • Whole life insurance is a type of permanent coverage that lasts a lifetime, as long as premium payments are made as agreed. These policies may have a cash value component, but they are typically more expensive than term life insurance.  
  • Guaranteed universal life insurance is a form of permanent life insurance that focuses on guaranteed premiums and death benefits. Premiums and death benefits remain level, and this type of coverage allows flexibility in premium payments. This coverage may be right for seniors seeking permanent coverage without the complexities of traditional whole life insurance. 
  • Final expense insurance is designed to help cover burial and funeral costs, although the money can typically be used for any reason. It may have a lower face amount and simplified underwriting with smaller death benefits.  

Your agent can help evaluate your situation to determine the best life insurance options.  

What Are the Best Life Insurance Companies for Seniors? 

Choosing a life insurance company involves evaluating your quote and the policy terms as well as the company’s overall financial stability, customer service reputation and claims process. Your Strawn & Co Insurance agent can help you gather quotes and determine whether a specific insurer is a good fit for your situation.  

Why Get Covered Now? 

Having life insurance coverage is critical no matter where you are in life. However, the earlier you get a policy, the more beneficial you likely will find it.

  • The longer you keep coverage, the more chance you have to let your policy accumulate value.
  • Younger individuals often qualify for lower policy premiums.
  • The healthier you are, the better your qualifications for a policy. Why risk waiting until your health begins to decline?

Life insurance provides incredible value and assistance to your survivors. Your insurance policy will prove instrumental in assisting them after your passing.

Don’t hesitate to get covered. Contact us today at 770-957-9005 to learn about your coverage options.

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