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Jessica15 Gwyn Street
Zebulon, GA 30295

Meet Our Producer

Jessica Dix Office Number: 770-357-0020

My husband and I both grew up in Henry County, back when Henry County had one grocery store. I have so many memories of riding my bike down dirt roads, playing in creeks, and walking to neighbors houses. The simple peace you get from growing up in the country creates a fondness for a slower life that you never really shake. When we became adults and started having babies of our own, my husband and I would sit and dream of the kind of life we wanted to give our children. Growing up in the country was definitely at the top of the list. We spent two years searching for our little place to call home. I’ll never forget driving down New Hope Road one Saturday afternoon and seeing a sign “Land for sale”. We walked a 9 acre track and fell in love with the rolling pasture and age old oak trees. We then drove to the Zebulon square, had lunch at “The Pirate Deck” and spent some time in the Bookstore. I remember passing people along the square, and everyone smiled and said hello. We felt not only welcome, but wanted. It was in that moment we knew, this is the place. The place we want to create memories with our boys. The place we want to become a part of. We place we want etched in our hearts.

Zebulon Office

After building and moving into our home, there was still one thing missing…. my career. After spending many years serving the people of Henry County, I wanted the same opportunity to serve the people within my own community, Pike County. We prayed for guidance and for the Lord to send me where He wanted me. Where I could not only advise people of their insurance needs, but get to know their families, become their insurance advisor and their friend. That’s when we found the little white house on Gwyn St. Suddenly, everything fell into place. We spent the next six months renovating this beautiful treasure built in 1910. We wanted to keep the character of the structure and have a place where our clients experienced the same welcoming feeling I felt on the square that day. Hard work and persistence pays off. We are now able to offer services to all Pike County residence and immerse our self in this town we love so much.

From the cow pastures, to the delicious burgers at Honey Wood Farms, to the chicken and rice soup at Wild Daisey Café, or the rich espresso at 1828 Coffee Company, or the long Saturdays at the baseball fields, we are honored to be “Pirates”.

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