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July 8, 2021

4 Major Reasons Trucking Companies Need to Be Insured

Every truck driver and trucking company knows how important the industry is. Without trucks on the road delivering goods, daily life wouldn’t run as smoothly. Without the trucking industry, goods would probably be more expensive than they already are. 

Though the trucking industry is necessary, every business faces certain risks. Truckers face more than most because of road hazards. To protect your trucking business from the expense of accidents and other damages, insurance is necessary. 
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Here are four major reasons why your business should consider trucking insurance

  1. It is the lawAll 50 states require trucking companies to have a certain amount of liability coverage. Your independent insurance agent will know the laws in your state, as well as the specified amount of coverage each trucking company needs to have per state law. 

  2.  In case of personal injury. Some states make it mandatory that every rig be covered under personal injury protection. This covers medical bills and lost wages to a certain amount (specified by the state and insurance company). Your agent will know the laws regarding coverage limits.

  3.  In case of a wreck and injury to others. If there is an accident involving one of your trucks, trucking insurance could save your business money and negative publicity. If the occupants of the other vehicle become injured, there will be a certain amount of coverage needed to cover them and the accidental damage (depending on the state laws and fault).

  4.  In case of a lawsuit. If a truck gets into an accident and the other party decides to sue, trucking insurance is necessary and can cover lawsuits, depending on the policy you choose. Lawsuits can be expensive, and it is good to have trucking insurance to back up your company.

Trucking insurance is important for the safe operation of your trucking business. It is important that you find the right agent, the right insurance company and a policy that helps shield you from the unexpected. 

Are your vehicles covered? Call Strawn & Co., Insurance at 770-957-9005 for more information on trucking insurance. 

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