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July 13, 2022

Specialized Coverage for Your Prized Antique Vehicles

While regular cars depreciate in value over time, antique and other collectible cars tend to appreciate in value. This is because owners of antique cars are known to spend hours restoring and preserving these vehicles, with custom parts and paint jobs. Since antique cars are valued and handled differently than regular cars, it should come as no surprise that they require specialized auto insurance.a car parked on the side of a road

In many cases, antique cars are cared for extensively, driven infrequently and stored safely when not in use. For these reasons, antique car insurance is often less expensive than a standard auto insurance policy for regular cars, which are driven often and exposed to more risks on a daily basis.

But even if you don’t drive your antique car very often, it’s no reason to skip out on coverage. At the very least, you’ll need liability coverage so as not to break the law. In addition, antique cars are still susceptible to accidents, animal damages, severe weather damages, theft, vandalism and more. Not to mention, repairing or replacing leather furnishings and wood dashboards is often more expensive than a modern bumper.

When considering insurance for your antique car, you will need to agree upon its value with your insurance provider. Another consideration is the classification of your vehicle, based on its age. Cars that are 20 years or older are considered antique, while cars between 15 and 20s years old are considered classic. In both cases, the cars must be as close to the original condition as possible. You can also get a specialized policy for antique vehicles that have been more heavily modified or altered.

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