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June 13, 2023

Boat Fire Safety

Boat fires and other on-board hazards are highly dangerous due to the possibility of passengers becoming trapped on-board during the incident. Luckily, fires are easy to prevent as long as the proper safety measures are taken.

  • Take extra precautions whenever you’re fueling a boat. Turn off the engine, close the hatches and ensure that the gas nozzle stays in contact with the boat’s tank. Any spills need to be cleaned immediately. Upon filling up the tank, run the blower for a few moments before taking the boat out onto the water. white and orange sailboat in the middle of ocean 

  • Old or broken fuel lines should be replaced before taking a boat out on the water.  

  • Use a nail file to remove minor corrosion on or around any electrical connections.  

  • While it shouldn’t be used as the only precaution against a fire, it is recommended that all boat owners buy a fire retardant for the upholsteryAlso, make sure your vessel has a working fire extinguisher on board and that everyone on or using the boat knows how to operate one.  

There’s a pay-off for following boat safety protocols: the possibility of a discount on boat insurance. Contact your insurance agent today to get a free quote.

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